Foreign Language OCR and Translation

A Cloud Based OCR And Translation Service For PDF And Images Of Any Format.

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Fast, simple and more accurate image OCR and translation today.

Cullable runs as a scalable cloud service with a simple user interface allowing secure upload of content, OCR in any language and optional submission of the resulting content for translation. 

Soon, these services will also be available as a secured and supported API so Cullable can integrate into any modern document workflow.

Cullable supports native OCR and translation in 54+ languages and we're adding more all the time.

Cullable was designed for mission critical business litigation for American legal matters. Through exposure of our innovative technology, we found more and more industries that desperately need a better foreign language OCR and translation solution. 

Cullable can process OCR in any language thousands of times faster than any other solution on the market and optionally translate that content into just about any language with the highest level of accuracy available.

Cullable goes where you go. There's no installation, no system requirements, no hardware commitment and no contract. 

Use Cullable when you need it.

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Currently Supported Languages (54+ and counting!)

Both single and double-byte characters are easily managed, even when compounded with multiple languages in a single document.

And did we mention that we can process up to 20,000 pages every minute? 

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