We are thrilled to announce the launch of Deposition Engine, our innovative deposition summarizer technology powered by GPT-4. This cutting-edge solution is set to transform the legal industry, offering a streamlined approach to the laborious task of summarizing deposition transcripts in minutes at a fraction of the cost typically associated.

Announcing Deposition Engine.

Deposition Engine is securely hosted online, making it super easy for your Court Reporter to use, or maybe they're just superhuman?

Easy to Initiate


Get to the good stuff faster with the most powerful summarization technology on the planet. Finetuned for legal professionals like you.

Our data processing agents sprint through hundreds of pages of Q&A pairs, condensing facts where relationships are uncovered.

Speed Kills


Related Q&A Pairs are bundled and summarized, citing which page and line numbers were used to derive the summary.

Smart Presentation

A super clean HTML page is generated with no installation or internet connection needed. Summaries are presented with nested Q&A pairs folded under them as citations.

Bundle Up

A few minutes later your court reporter (or whoever's handling it) downloads the export package and sends it to you securely through channels you approve. 

Get It On

3-400 pages of Deposition Transcripts become 2-3 pages of summaries. They can be expanded with  a click, easily exposing the full transcript. You can even search the whole transcript.

Digest In Minutes


What’s Inside The World's Most Powerful Deposition Summarizer?

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